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Power Point Presentations


  1. UB Robotics Laboratory
  2. Hybrid UAV's
  3. Remote and Web-Controlled Devices and Robots
  4. Effective Simulation and Control techniques for Alleviating the Access to High Cost Manipulators
  5. Web based Virtual Robot Prototyping and Manufacturing
  6. Experimental Robot Musicians
  7. Kinematic Synthesis of Robot Manipulators from Task Descriptions
  8. Measuring Student Success via Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
  9. UB School of Engineering Research Directions and Resources
  10. Interactivity, Mobility and the Online Frontier
  11. Web-Based Robot Design
  12. Parametric Optimization of Operating Systems
  13. Simulation of Memory Management Using Paging Mechanisms
  14. Online Automation and Control: An Experiment in Distance Engineering Education
  15. CISSE 2009 Keynote Speech
  16. Robotics, Intelligent Sensing and Control Lab (RISC)
  17. A PC-Based Simulator/Controller/Monitor Software for Manipulators and Electromechanical Systems
  18. Web Operated Robot Arm
  19. Service Robots A Tire Changing Manipulator.

Administration and Education (Sobh & Others)

  1. Accreditation Workshop in Egypt (.docx)
  2. Accreditation Workshop in Egypt (.ppt)
  3. CTech IncUBator at University of Bridgeport
  4. Reasons to attend University of Bridgeport
  5. Regional Accreditation Case Example
  6. School of Engineering: Capabilities, research, facilities and groups presented to ARDEC
  7. Developing A Culture Of Research And Scholarship
  8. Graduate Education and Research Directions
  9. Report for Academic Year 2009-2010 (.doc)
  10. Report for Academic Year 2009-2010 (.ppt)
  11. Report to the UB Board of Trustees ( May 2010)
  12. 2010-2015 Strategic Plan Portfolio
  13. US Education System
  14. Overview Graduate Schools of Business and Engineering Degree
  15. Electronic Assessment Activities
  16. Practical Research Directions
  17. ABET CSE General Visit, Fall 2003
  18. Engineering School Overview
  19. ABET Focused Visit Presentation
  20. Open House Presentation
  21. Ph.D. Program Proposal Presentation
  22. School Observations, Concern Areas and Recommendations
  23. Undergraduate Income Allocation Models
  24. Merit-Bases System for Academic Budget Allocation
  25. High School Recruiting Presentation
  26. Some School Data I - 2001
  27. Some School Data II - 2001
  28. CS/CpE Student Orientation
  29. CS/CpE Overview
  30. The World is 'Virtually' Flat: New Direction in Online Collaborative Engineering, Research and Education
  31. UB on the Move
  32. Multidisciplinary Education and Research Directions
  33. Nanotechnology, MEMS and NEMS Capabilities at UB
  34. ABET 2009 - UB, SOE and CSE Programs Overview
  35. ABET 2009 - CpE Assessment Overview
  36. UB - SENAC/Brazil M.S. TCMG Blended Program Overview
  37. TCMG / IT Careers
  38. UB MBA Program Presentation
  39. UB Business Shcool Curriculum Presentation
  40. Ph.D. Program in Technology Management
  41. Graduate Education and Research Directions2
  42. Recent Advances in Engineering Research and Education in the U.S.2
  43. Recent advances in robotics, automation and sensing2
  44. Recent Advances2
  45. UB Presentation2